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One of the more interesting political actions last week was that of Toby Smith revealing to the press that the Attorney General Carl Bethel had sent him a text alleging that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines who have entered a deal with the Government to take land at Paradise Island west on lease was being unreasonable.  Toby Smith, a Bahamian businessman, says that he has a lease over the same land and there is an action in court to stop the government from take his land and giving it to Royal Caribbean.  We think that Mr. Smith is right. The Attorney General was not too happy about his private what’s app message being exposed but in some circumstances you should just be quiet and leave well enough alone.  He issued a statement but the statement did not say that he didn’t do it .  The statement instead confirmed that he did send the message. Clearly Mr. Bethel was embarrassed but he should have just left it alone.