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Chamber of Commerce Rep Peter Goudie

Peter Goudie of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce is getting the reputation being Mr. Knee Jerk and not very intelligent.  It does not look like he bothered o read the study by the University of The Bahamas which pegged the living wage for workers in The Bahamas in New Providence at $2,625 per month. At present the minimum wage in The Bahamas is 840 dollars per month or 210 dollars per week.  Clearly there is a wide disparity.  Mr. Goudie says that there is no way on God’s earth that the 2.6 k figure is a livable wage in The Bahamas. He claimed that people  had to be “ out of their minds “ and “ dreaming”.  That tells you who we have in this country and what they think of us. There is no question about the poverty in this country.  It is driven by high expenses and a low wage environment. The masters of this economy, largely people like Mr. Goudie, keep arguing about trickledown economics, even though what we have seen so far proves that this does not work.   What it does is make the rich richer.  Mr. Goudie wants is to continue that.  It is clear that if you want to drive an economy, make sure those who are at the bottom  of the ladder get just and living wages .  They spend and this spending drives the economy.  It is simple, direct and clear except to people like Peter Goudie who should be ignored and his views consigned to the scrap heap of history.  The PLP must commit itself to the goal of a livable wage,