The Sad Case Of Patrick Robinson

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discount cialis cialis times;”>Last week, we saw political cowardice at its best proudly displayed.  When the column went up at 2 p m last week there was a  copy of a publicly released photo from a Facebook page  widely circulated of Branville McCartney, Leader of the DNA political party, and his boys  having fun at the carnival.  One of them turned out to be a fellow named Patrick Robinson. He claimed later in the day that he owned the photo and had not given permission for this site to use the photo and so he wanted it “ respectfully”  taken down.  Quite apart from the legalisms of his claim, the matter is in the public domain and open for fair comment so that  issue falls away  This site is a not a profit site and matters in the public domain are open for use in Bahamian law for fair comment.  We took it down.  But we are constrained to point out how ridiculous the man made himself appear.  In taking it down and our commenting on it, he drew more attention to himself and to his character  The question was : why did he want to take it down?  Was it because he did not want to be seen with Branville McCartney?  Inquiring minds want to know.