Jennifer Dotson On Soft Skills

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viagra sales cialis times;”>Jenny_DotsonJennifer Isaacs Dotson, viagra sales view the Labour leader, gave this advice  to a forum by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce on 20th May.  We agree with her comments:

 “Many [workers] don’t possess soft skills, don’t have any idea of time and believe that they shouldn’t come to work because they had rough weekend. This is the reality of what we are working with, whether we like it or not. They have no respect for a job.

“We have a generation of workers unable to adapt, perform under pressure, have no work ethic, cannot manage time, do not think positively of themselves or others, cannot be a part of a team, cannot solve problems, lack self-confidence, cannot take or give criticism, are inflexible and lack communication skills.

 “We must trace the root of this problem, I trace it back to the family, where we obviously have failed to develop our children into productive Bahamian citizens by not providing them with basic values, morals, standards and  basic education, where they have literacy and numeracy skills or the ability to resolve conflicts, as well as build and maintain healthy relationships. We must make parents accountable for their children. They should take responsibility or suffer the consequences.”