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During the past week, a man named Oswald Poitier, or so the voice note or video note says, trashed or tried to trash the reputation of one of the Progressive Young Liberals.  We won’t call the PYL’s name but he is a good man and has helped the party’s cause.  Mr. Poitier who is in the security business is a kind of private detective it seems, threatened mayhem against the PLP and the young liberal.  No rational cause for it.  What it seemed was someone lost their girlfriend to the young liberal and so it was about trying to get back at that individual for that. Lots about whose genitals was bigger and who was more satisfied by the man than the other. We are only repeating this stuff because the matter received some traction on line with PLPs who were upset and wondered whether what the man was saying was true about the official conduct of members of the last PLP government.  All kinds of scandalous allegations about the PLP and trying to get dirt on Ministers of the Government in the now FNM.  The man Poitier has a fanciful imagination that much is clear.   It a real case of political madness.  What is again vexing is the propensity of PLPs to pass false stories about themselves. The song says: let them talk, talk doesn’t bother us. For the record here is the official position:


It has come to attention of the Progressive Liberal Party that there is a voice note circulating on social media claiming that the PLP engaged individuals to act on its behalf in the last General Election 2017, in the name of the War Room, to gather and issue false information on candidates of the opposing Party.


The Party denounces the claim and states that at no time did it or its election machinery, in the name of the War Room, engage any individual in such acts which we condone as unethical and improper in our democracy.


We ask the person (s) who may be associated with this information circulating to desist from using the name of the PLP.