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TUC President Obie Ferguson

John Pinder President of the NCTU

Even Peter Turnquest, viagra the Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement, viagra generic had to strike a note of caution into the public debate, in the face of the fiery rhetoric of the trade union movement in The Bahamas. On the front pages of both newspapers last week, there was the report complete with a picture of John Pinder, the head of the National Congress of Trade Unions and Obie Ferguson of the Trade Union Congress promising that they would strike and cause the whole country to shut down if the Attorney General was not fired. This is wishful thinking first of all. The Attorney General, although exercising a discretion which was unwise in political circumstances, did not break any law. So what would be the basis of a national strike. Knowing Obie Ferguson it is probably just posturing. We are not so sure about John Pinder. Mr. Pinder has a political agenda now that he is in a political party that wants to win seats in the House of Assembly so we imagine he will be pushing the envelope for all sorts and manner of actions, many of which like a general strike would be completely irresponsible. We add to the words of caution of Peter Turnquest: it would be a mistake to try and shut down this town. A serious mistake. A word to the wise.