Byron Woodside Former FNM Minister Now A PLP

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cialis sales ambulance times;”>Description:  
discount viagra health times;”>Byron Woodside who was once a Minister in the last FNM administration and the MP for Pinewood is now a PLP.  Fred Mitchell, the Foreign Minister, often says that the PLP and the FNM are like baseball teams.  You get traded from one team to the next.  So here we go.  In the last month two high profile FNMs became PLPs.  Mr. Woodside and former candidate Norris Bain.  Both spoke to the PLP’s National General Council on Thursday 21 January to address the Council in the presence of the Prime Minster Perry Christie and other leaders of the party. Leading him to the podium is Barbara Pierre, the Secretary General of the PLP and in the rear smiling from ear to ear is Khaalis Rolle, who defeated Mr. Woodside.  He who laughs last gets the best laugh.