False Controversy Over The 10 May

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(painting by Kishan Munroe from his FB page)

On a terrible evening in 1980 on 10 May, the Cuban air force unleashed its jets on the newly formed Bahamian Navy by the rather grandiose name the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.  In fact the “force” was barely two hundred men and was barely six weeks old.  It was a combination of issues and mistakes that led to the sinking of the boat and the loss of life of four men.  It shattered the country.  It has been memorialized but never more than under the PLP every year.  Now this year the FNM and its surrogates seek to grab it because the election is taking place on that the anniversary of that tragic event.  These are the same FNM people who did not want the Defence Force in the first place; they called it Pindling’s Army.   Now suddenly they care about defence force officers.  The week before last they were criticising the Prime Minister saying he was afraid to call the elections.  Now he has called the elections, they are now saying it is the wrong date.  The date is fine.  The service in memoriam for the officers will go on as usual.  The FNM is sickening with this nonsense.