Mitchell Visits Lighthouse Point

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Senator Fred Mitchell at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera 24 September 2018.

The beauty of this place is unbelievable.  Disney, the entertainment and shipping behemoth from the United States, wants to bring a cruise ship dock right up to the far-left peninsula in the background of the picture.  A group called One Eleuthera Foundation wants to stop it.  They are Bahamians but backed by rich second home owners who claim that they can bring an alternative sustainable development which will bring more jobs and less damage to the ecosystem. They compare it to the fight that the PLP had to save Clifton in New Providence.  The Government says it’s still awaiting the word from the public.  The opinion in Eleuthera is split down the middle.  One thing is clear the belief by both sides that from Rock Sound South, Eleuthera is a dead zone economically and there is a need for work and jobs.  Having said that no one wants to see what has happened with Princess Cays another cruise ship enclave in Eleuthera which shut the locals out who scrap in the heat for those who are brave enough to wander outside the Princess Cays gate when the ship docks at Little San Salvador and has an excursion on shore Eleuthera as well. It is pathetic really.  But that’s how The Bahamas goes. Scraps at the table and we say yes to any proposal on the theory that something is better than nothing.  The younger generation talks a good game in not accepting this, but they don’t fight against it. So, we await word to see if rich Disney and its 400 million dollar professed loved affair with The Bahamas will get the nod on land which they have under contract to buy or the One Eleuthera foundation will get a chance to develop it.