Nothing For Freeport In The Budget But Talk

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The pictures we show are the pictures of Freeport as it now stands.  Hurricane damage on the tourism infrastructure still not repaired.  Seven months have gone by since Hurricane Matthew.  The Budget Statement by the FNM on 31 May gave no hope to Freeport.  There are five FNMs elected to Freeport seats. The only one who seems to understand the very grave danger the city of Freeport faces is Frederick MacAlpine.   He has used the phrase “the people’s time” to say that they have a job to do for the people. Implicit in his statement is an understanding that if they don’t do the job then there is trouble brewing.  That is as far as he can go.  Any other message would make him unpopular in his own group.  We however can say how serious it is.  If the FNM does not put some cash on the ground in Freeport by the end of the summer, they will have hell to pay.  The social unrest will be too much to bear.  The FNM is still busy blaming the PLP but the evidence is clear the issue was the hurricane and the economy.  That is now their problem. So they had better get about fixing it or face the consequences sooner than they think.