The Bill Cosby Verdict

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The deck was stacked against Bill Cosby, the 80 year old American Black actor, who had won the hearts of  many with the standards he set in the  sit com  that he  produced on NBC during the 1990s.  All that is now gone because he apparently had some dark habits, that of drugging women to have sex with them,  One of them a lesbian, came back at him with a vengeance after 14 years.  She is crowing to the rafters after she and her coterie of   advocates claimed victory because on Thursday 26 April, Mr. Cosby was convicted of rape.  He has vowed to appeal.  At eighty years old, he is looking at spending the rest of his life in jail and his reputation in tatters.  Great pity.  Something seems a bit unfair about the whole thing.  A woman agrees to drop the matter and received three million dollars in that agreement, then reneges on the agreement and gets to put the man in jail, then you have all the prejudicial evidence of similar fact being introduced into the trial.  It’s just a great pity.  Not happy about this at all.  The Black community in the US does not like him because he attacked young Black people for their speaking and dressing habits.  He was a bit too holier than thou. The Black community in the U S did not come to his defence.  It was a Black comedian who started the whole thing off by calling him a rapist.  He seems to have taken great pleasure about bringing about the man’s downfall. What a pity again. Whole thing is just pitiful, painful and sad. And of course of all the men of power accused of these things, only the Black man goes to jail.  This goes to reinforce the narrative that there is a double standard.  One for Black, the other for White.