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Last week the United States Government did something which was quite unwise.  It opened its embassy in Jerusalem and moved it from Tel Aviv which is the capital of the Zionist state known as Israel.  Israel is a pariah state in the region.  It has nuclear weapons which it does not acknowledge and which the United States knows about with a wink and a nod.  Yet it is engaged in adventurism of the worst sort against its Arab neighbours but for one Saudi Arabia, the latter a craven state that seeks to curry favour with the new regime in the United States.  The Israelis have penned in the people of Palestine into an enclave called Gaza.  They are blockaded there and cannot escape.  Two million people.  There were demonstrations up against the border with Israel on the day that the embassy opened.  The Israelis do not allow the people of Gaza to come within a certain distance of the border fence.  They fired live bullets at the people demonstrating and killed sixty of them on the day that the embassy opened on 14 May.  The US blamed the dead victims.  The daughter and son in law of the president of the United States were drinking champagne and laughing as sixty people were killed by live ammunition from the state of Israel and it was like nothing happened at all.  This kind of unreality caused us to reach back to the statement made by the U S President Jimmy Carter way back on New Year’s Eve 1976 in Iran under the late Shah Mohammad Pelavi when Mr. Carter said Iran was “an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world.”  It was completely unreal. The Shah was despised by his people and within two years his government collapsed and he was in exile.  We agree with those who say that what happened on the Israel Gaza border fence on 14 May was like Sharpsville 21 March 1960 in South Africa and the Amritsar massacre which took place on 13 April1919.  We must never forget.  How the United States deals with this will say much about the quality of their moral governance and who they are as a people.  There is no hope for such moral high standards within the present regime in Israel.