The PLP Answers The Nassau Guardian

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Not since the days of the UBP when the Bethels used to cover everything in favour of the UBP where their family members sat in Cabinet has the Nassau Guardian been as prejudiced an instrument as today. The PLP responded to an asinine and irrational editorial in the Nassau Guardian.  The Guardian was upset because the PLP dared to criticize the Prime Minister for call the country corrupt from the international platforms.

Here was the PLP’s response:

From The Office Of The Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party
Responding To The Editorial Of The Nassau Guardian

For Immediate Release

18 April 2018

The Guardian gets worse and worse every day. Their regard for the truth, their inability to decipher fact from fiction erodes every day. They need to hire themselves out as the official propaganda rag of the Free National Movement. They have outdone even The Punch.

Their latest unhinged, prejudiced broadside against the PLP is their editorial of 18 April which says that we should be quiet and not answer the nonsense that is spewed by the various spokesman for the Government from the Prime Minister on down, simply because we lost an election last year. That line parrots the propaganda of the FNM. They have to be joking.

The people of this country are suffering all around. Too many have no food to eat. Too many have no jobs. Too many live in fear in their homes. The FNM Government headed by this hapless and hopeless Prime Minister goes around the world telling people that we are crooks in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, and the Nassau Guardian says the PLP must be quiet. The faults in this country are to be placed squarely at the feet of this incompetent Government, nothing to do with the PLP. The Guardian should go hide its head in the sand.

It is a real shame that such a valuable institution is being mismanaged and dragged down into the muck and the mire by its present owners. What a shame.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis embarrassed this country by calling his own country and people corrupt. No amount of pandering and blowing smoke by the Nassau Guardian in their badly written, poorly constructed biased editorials can change that immutable act. Everyone everywhere is talking about the Prime Minister’s misstep. Even his FNM people are saying it was an unwise thing to do and say.

The objective fact is that the FNM would have nothing to boast about were it not for the PLP fighting to save Bahamar. The FNM tried to destroy it, now they bask in its success. The Tourism Minister is in the newspapers today vowing to “aggressively” pursue the air space management agreement negotiated by the PLP government, an agreement the FNM declared impossible to achieve. The PLP will not go away and be quiet. We will have our say.