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buy viagra prescription times;”>On Friday 30th October, cialis usa find the sword of Damocles, cialis the guillotine, whatever analogy you’d like to make fell.  The Chinese Export Import Bank decided that they had had enough of Sarkis Izmirlian and his games and they moved to appoint a receiver for the property called Bahamar.  Since the appointment of a provisional liquidator, there have been meetings after meetings to seek to get everyone at the table.  The Bahamas government was bending over backwards to avoid any suggestion that the investment of Mr. Izmirlian was being taken away from him.  They should have dumped him long ago.  Too gamey.

In the back halls of Lyford Cay and on the golf course, you have the word going around that it’s a great shame that the PLP is trying to steal Mr. Izmirlian’s investment.  Such are the lives of blissful ignorance.  No such thing but there it is.  That is no doubt their side of the story.

So that’s the deal plain and simple.  If you don’t pay your bills at the bank, then the bank will foreclose.  That’s it.  If you default on your payments to the bank, the bank will foreclose.  So the Bank has now done that.

What we hope happens next is this: the Bank will then appoint a receiver in this case it is Deloite’s accounting firm whose local partner is Raymond Winder.  That receiver will then seek to find a buyer or an operator to run the place and get it finished.

The hope is that it will be the China Construction Company since they have the wherewithal it seems to finish the project seamlessly and to access the talent to run it

We have used the word seamlessly so many times now; we hope it has not worn out its welcome.

The fact is the Bahamian people and its government needs a break.  The news has been all bad with this project since its developer lost his moorings and decided to take a different route instead of the straight route.  The end result is that he appears to have lost his life’s work, his investment.  Just a little humility and common sense could have had him on top of the world.

Unfortunately some are too blind to see.

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