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The movie in 1988 Gorillas In The Mist about the life and times of Dianne Fossey who discovered and studied the family structures and life and times of the Mountain Gorillas of central and eastern Africa  has caused a boom for tourism in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC).  Tourists pay tens of thousands of dollars just to come see them.

They are in for a treat.  There is a picture we have posted of the Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell who was left behind by the Prime Minister in Rwanda for meetings with the Rwanda Government, and then was facilitated in the rare opportunity to visit the Gorillas in the northern mountains of Rwanda. You can see that this is no fake journey but real live up and personal. If you wish to see the video presentation please link in the Facebook page at Fred Mitchell Minute By Minute.

The visit took place on Monday 27 June 2022.

These creatures  are a magnificent legacy to this fine country, torn apart by civil war and genocide.  One million people in that country were slaughtered by their brother and sister citizens based on ethnic hatred between April and July 1994, fomented largely by colonial legacy issues and racism. It is left to them to protect these species.  Given their history, they understand why it is their bound and duty to protect the gorillas

The species are clearly related to us.

The mountain gorillas sit and allow us into their domain. They sit and eat and play with their young. It is simply amazing.

To think that they were once hunted to extinction.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Government and people of Rwanda for the work in preserving them for the future.

The Bahamas should do all it can to support the work in Rwanda.