Zhivargo Laing Throws A Blow At Minnis

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Remember a few weeks ago we reported in this column a rant by Zhivargo Laing, the former Minister and MP and ally of Hubert Ingraham that he was not going to run for Parliament.  We said the jury was still out.  Well you would have thought that he would stay out of this fight with Hubert Minnis as Leader of the FNMsince  he has no interest in the outcome or so he sought to tell us by his earlier declaration.  But there was in the press last week having a say in his weekly column. It was a scorcher.  You know for sure that had Hubert Ingraham not sanctioned this; Mr. Laing would have said nary a word.

“His (Hubert Minnis) leadership skills never impressed me and prior to the 2012 general elections I saw posturing by him that suggested he desired to lead. Still, when he was made leader I believe it to be the right choice. After all, he was a successful MP, albeit in an affluent safe FNM constituency seat. Additionally, his tenure as Minister of Health was NOT stellar but he made no major blunders there.”–Zhivargo Laing 

“The FNM needs and wants a compelling leader for this time and he is just ignorant, blind, or deluded, or all of the above who suggest it does not.”– Zhiavargo Laing

Clearly Ingraham is behind all of this because Mr. Laing would not open his mouth without Ingraham’s permission