A Comment On The Electricity Bills And The Special List

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Last week when we wrote about the FNM and its Minister of Works, we spoke about how you simply could not trust the word of the Minister of Works or the FNM when they said that they did not know who was on this list of people that BEC/BPL had that put them in a special position where their electricity could not be cut off no matter the size of the bills. At the same time that the Minister of Works was denying that he knew who was on the list, the names on the list ended up in The Punch and then later last week ended up in the Tribune in full details.  With the exception of Renward Wells who was once a PLP, all the names on the list were PLPs.  Mr. Wells said in his defence that he had asked for no special privilege or favour and was unaware that he was on a list.  He gave the same answer all the PLPs did. For us the question of whether there was a list or not, or who was on it, was and is irrelevant.  A business does what it wishes with regard to how it collects its money.  Our concern is that the Government has been complicit in leaking the private information of individuals to the press for political reasons.  This shows the duplicity of this crew.  They have the Leader of the Opposition in pictures inspecting hurricanes while leaking damaging information about the party to the press.  This includes the private details of the compensation of the former BEC/BPL Boss Pamela Hill.  Mr. Bannister should hang his head in shame for releasing those details to the public.  This is really a cheap and petty government.  The fact is someone gets paid what they can negotiate and are worth.  The fact is that Power Secure performed and did all that they were supposed to do.  It may turn out when it all comes out in the wash that in the end it was the FNM government that was responsible for the failure of Power Secure.  Unfortunately, it appears that PLPs have gone again believing the lies of the FNM on this matter.  They ought to ask themselves the following question: if everything that the FNM heretofore have said about the PLP and its performance in office has proven to be a lie, why would this present set of revelations be the truth?