A Father’s Stress And Love

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The following was posted by Rommell Knowles, who is the head of the Bahamas Olympic Association about his reaction to a car accident in which his son was involved. Posted on Facebook on 24 August.

Last evening could have been horrific, my youngest son ran off the road last evening mashed up his mom car. I was disappointed, I was angry and I suppose self righteous as a parent.

The stories are many, young teenagers losing their lives in vehicular accidents; a night or day of intended fun changes lives forever.

I’m far from the liberal parent, I’ve not quite ready to change with the times; I believe in taking tough stances; instantly I want the very best as a parent.

I almost insist on trying to lead my young children from the pitfalls I succumbed too; alas, I realize children will be children and as a parent you must let go.

They must traverse the terrains of life for themselves, I must regress and be the compass, the lighthouse and when necessary a star or two.

Parents, I don’t know if you find yourself in my position trying to raise teenage boys…the greatest lesson I learnt last evening was the power of prayers.

Add it to your arsenal, add it to your parenting toolkit ….I realize as a parent 3am in the morning this very morning, I was helpless there was nothing I could do.

I could not reach him and I did not know his exact whereabouts; instinctively you get that feeling something was just not right. I was incensed, my wife was hysterical in tears and I was angry because he should have been home in bed.

The very moment I was angry he was fighting for his survival, he ran off the road; at that point he was in the hands of surly goodness and mercy.

The car a wreck, but he walked away without a scratch. Was he drinking? Was he speeding? Honestly, it doesn’t matter right now although we will have that talk.

What I’m trying to say as best I can; include prayers in your parenting toolkit for prayers availeth much.

When you can’t be there physically tap in the spiritual realm, activate the angels of Surely, Goodness and Mercy so they may follow all the days and nights too.