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The PLP’s supporters should be very careful not to turn their party into a mourner’s bench, where the only thing positive that can be said is what is wrong.  Get over the loss.  Stop the handwringing and get up on your hind legs.  We are not weak kneed apologetic Negros.  Every day it’s some new “woe is me”.  Look it is going to get worse in terms of the psychological pressure on PLPs.  This group in power is determined to finish the PLP off.  They are using the police and all the organs of the state to create a situation where the name PLP is to become toxic.  The rumours are rife through the town that while in the PLP was in office the police tapped the phones of all government ministers.  They story is that pressure is being put on vendors and on civil servants to say that PLP ministers performed crooked deals.  They have to do this if they are going to prove that there was corruption in the PLP.  This is an old play book. But it works well because not only does it work on the country writ large but it works more importantly by sapping the will of PLPS.  Any offence of corruption is an individual offence. Each person has the responsibility for their own conduct.  Also, remember that once you have the police in your power, you can do anything.  The police in our country have become so politically corrupt that they cannot be trusted to take instructions from a PLP government.  That is serious problem of insubordination and disloyalty. So that is why it is important for PLPs to be strong and not buckle.  It will pass.  Lots of complaints this past week about how Bernard Nottage’s body was received. Didn’t like the fact that it was received in a cardboard box, no flag.  Look, we are not in power.  That is one of the consequences of being out of power.  But come Tuesday 11 July at the PLP headquarters the PLP will be able to show the stuff out of which the party is made when the body is laid out and received there.  Let us see if all the complainers show up and thumb their noses at the nasty, no good, vile, dirty Free National Movement and its leaders.