Adrian Francis Yanked Off The Air

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1 February 2018

They yanked Andrew Burrows off the afternoon show at ZNS Radio shortly after the General Election. They sent him to the Ministry of Agriculture to do penance. They replaced him with who they thought would be a more FNM voice. Enter Adrian Francis, a cousin of the former FNM Minister Zhivargo Laing. That didn’t last as long as Paddy in the army. Mr. Laing himself though rumoured to be about to get a consultant contract for the new energy deal in Grand Bahama, was told by friends of the Prime Minister, that the Prime Minister blocked his appointment at the University of The Bahamas. Now his cousin is yanked off the air. Adrian Francis was cut and they are going to buy out his contract.  They alleged that he alleged that Brent Symonette, the Minister for Immigration is letting anyone into the country. That didn’t fly and on his Facebook page Mr. Francis says that he is going to sue for the cancellation of the contract which ZNS did right in the middle of the show. After a commercial break they went to music and that as they say was the end of that.