Adrian Gibson Is Now Executive Chairman Of Water and Sewerage

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Way back in the Pindling years, the administration made the decision that Members of Parliament and Senators would no longer be Executive Chairs of public corporations.  The temptation for them to interfere politically with the Corporation was too strong and it led to mischief which the Pindling administration wanted to avoid.  In any event, the General Managers ran the corporations and the appointment was seen as a decision to fix up the boys so to speak, that is, MPs who wanted to be ministers and could not be ministers but you could find a way to give them ministerial salaries and stop their complaining that going into politics was driving them broke.  Adrian Gibson MP for Long Island was the first of the crop of the 35 to 4 MPs who were complaining that they did not make it into the Cabinet.  Well he has been rewarded for his complaint, the back channel now says. He became Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation as of 7 February.  He has all sorts of fancy titles but as the informant told us, it sounds almost like he is going to be doing the General Manager’s job.  Mr. Gibson has been one of Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ anti-corruption fighters, looking for dirt everywhere and finding none.  What his means though is he doesn’t have to hustle for magistrate’s court work anymore in Fred Smith’s office.  He can kiss his nutty employer goodbye and work as a bigger boss now at Water and Sewerage.  Let’s find out whether it’s true or not.  Dr. Minnis is famous for these kinds of sleights of hand.