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From 7 February, Adrian Gibson, the MP who complained that Dr. Hubert Minnis did not make him a minister, has been receiving a fat pay cheque after being appointed Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation.  Big hefty raise.  So he has had to find something to with his time. He has been digging for dirt since the Corporation runs itself. He got Ernst and Young at a yet undisclosed price to go digging in the graveyard with him.  He came up with such gems as a senior officer of the Corporation had a complaint lodged against him for holding his penis in his hand and asking for the gift of fellatio from one of the female staff.  Oh boy.  They got a page from Google of the Leader of the Opposition’s Mom’s obituary and that had that Philip Davis’ Secretary was a friend of the family.  He also was a nominee shareholder of one share in a company incorporated in another law office. They put two and two together and said that Mr. Davis as former Minister for Corporation had something to do with that. Oh yes and Sidney Collie, the Ambassador to Washington FNM owes 12,000 water bill.  Ernst and Young are a disgrace.  They have damaged their reputations by engaging in this nonsense which is political witch hunt designed to keep the FNM in power.  Poor them.  They can’t govern.  Still all they do is look for dirt.  We hope that the thirty pieces of silver are worth it Adrian Gibson.