Agatha Marcel Dismissed From The National Training Agency

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Teresa Moxey Ingraham in the wheel chair with Agatha Marcel.

Agatha Marcel, the former PLP MP, who was brought back to the service of the country by the PLP in her professional capacity as a trainer as the head of the National Training Agency was summarily dismissed last week.  She is to be replaced by Teresa Moxey Ingraham, another former MP although she was FNM.  The FNM fellows said they needed to do a favour for Teresa. So there you have it.  Out Agatha and in Teresa.  The fact is Ms. Marcel’s appointment was a professional appointment not a political one and she did a great job in training the nation’s young people for the job market.  Anyway, it’s the people’s time and she is obviously not one of the people so out she goes.  Ms. Marcel recorded a farewell via You Tube to her former students.