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generic cialis try times;”>image017I have no interest in or control of any company with ownership in Baha Mar.

viagra times;”>My husband, buy Maxwell Gibson, is the owner and CEO of one of the country’s leading 100% Bahamian family owned retail jewelry businesses. About 2 years ago Baha Mar announced too much media coverage that he, Fred Hazelwood and Wayne Chew A Tow – owners of two other leading Bahamian family owned retail businesses – had been granted leases for retail space in Baha Mar.

The Government of the Bahamas played absolutely no role in this commercial transaction.
Pending the opening of the resort, my husband’s company alone – as are so many other Bahamian businesses waiting on Baha Mar’s completion – is shouldering liability for the risks related to the delay.

These facts are easily available to Dr. Minnis.

Nonetheless, as a warrant of my transparency, I reminded the Prime Minister of them prior to leading our Government’s delegation to Baha Mar negotiations in China.

There is no conflict of interest. Baha Mar’s opening will serve all Bahamian businesses hoping to work within, or for, the resort – including my husband’s – and I make no apologies for this.

In the meantime, I pray that history will record that my driving purpose as Attorney General is to approach each day with humility and integrity, seeking justice, excellence and the best interest for Bahamians, and all those living within our borders.

 nd A. Bethel, Sr.)