Andre Rollins In His Own Words

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discount viagra healing times;”>andrerollinsAndre Rollins MP said these words to the Nassau Guardian on 15th June.  While at first brush it seems to come off with candor and cache but upon an intelligent analysis of the words they really back fire on the author of the words.  He said to Candia Dames, sovaldi the Managing Editor of the Nassau Guardian and she was eager to print: “If your PLP nomination only goes to bootlickers, if your PLP nomination only goes to butt kissers, you can keep that nomination because the country is not well served by boot lickers and butt kissers.  That’s real talk.” Question: did Mr. Rollins not get a nomination from the PLP in 2012.  Presumably then he  was a bootlicker and a butt kisser then.  People are entitled to wonder and to ask. 

The point here is be careful what you say.  Do not get intoxicated by  headline writers.  These folk like Candia Dames at the Nassau Guardian mean you no good.  They support the FNM and right now it is convenient for them to quote you.  Mr. Rollins, Mr. Moss and Mr. Wells are the go to guys when the press want something outrageous to be said about the PLP.  Make no mistake though they support the FNM.  Mr. Rollins and Mr. Moss will find that they will now have to say more and more outrageous things to get a headline.