Andre Rollins Inaccurate Rant On Bahamar

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arollinsThe ink wasn’t dry on the announcement yet before Andre Rollins, cialis buy the perpetual motor mouth of Opposition, was on Facebook denouncing the deal.  He was wrong, wrong, wrong again.  But here is what he had to say. Doesn’t think before he speaks:

I am sure that the Prime Minister does not expect Bahamians will take what he says at face value. It is foolish for anyone to accept that the devil is not in the details of this Baha Mar agreement.

I have no doubt that Bahamians will be appalled at what the government has given up in return for the remobilization of works at Baha Mar. This is a classic magician’s sleight of hand trick: Distract attention away from what you don’t want the crowd to see by drawing their attention to something else. This announcement focuses on the specifics of pay to the affected workers and creditors, while distracting attention away from what the Chinese state owned enterprises were given in return for the millions they are advancing for the project’s remobilization.

Rest assured that these millions of dollars given to help the government’s reelection bid are not being given without significant strings attached. We must demand to know exactly what those strings are.