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The errant MP for Ft. Charlotte Andre Rollins must have been having a sane political moment when he made the post and announcement that people who wanted to get food could do so from Ft Charlotte at a food store and get 50 dollars’ worth each.  This was the first public indication that he really gave a hoot about the people of Ft. Charlotte.  Finding himself now in the position of having been booted out of the PLP and the FNM, viagra usa he is a lonely wanderer so perhaps good sense is prevailing.  Here is the announcement he made:

I wish to advise the constituents of Fort Charlotte that beginning tomorrow October 12 at 12:00 noon, cialis constituents will be able to go to Xtra Value Food Store on Thompson Boulevard, across the street from the College of The Bahamas, to receive a Post-Hurricane Matthew Food Voucher. The food voucher will entitle constituents of Fort Charlotte to receive $50 worth of grocery essentials from Xtra Value in an effort to assist constituents during the recovery period.

Fort Charlotte constituents are advised that they must present both their 2012 Fort Charlotte voter ID and a second form of government-issued ID, either their passport or driver’s license, to be eligible to receive the voucher benefit.

Senior citizens or persons with disabilities, who are unable to come to the store themselves, will be permitted to have trusted persons or proxies act on their behalf, on the condition that those proxies bring that Fort Charlotte resident’s 2 forms of ID and their own duplicate IDs for accounting and security purposes.

This effort is non-partisan in nature. However, please be mindful that this benefit is not limitless and will be discontinued by the store’s management once the allocated sums are exhausted.