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cialis cialis times;”>The PLP has got to face the reality.  The MP for Ft. Charlotte no longer supports the PLP.  It is not words which are important in this context but deeds.  He has since the ill-fated attempt to move a Select Committee Request contrary to party policy when the House last met; he has been in the press attacking the government again.  This time he claimed that the Government’s behavior was unacceptable, cialis buy that the regrets offered by the Attorney General were not enough and the government probably thought that the Rubis matter would go away.  This shows how disconnected he is from the PLP.  The PLP never thought the matter would go away and dealt with it with aplomb and alacrity from the start.  He is the flavor of the month for the press and will continue to be their darling so long as he is attacking the PLP.  He is the enemy within.  That is a reality that must be faced and faced soon.