Archdeacon James Palacious Says Sir Roland No National Hero

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While the Government is doubling down in its bad choice of Sir Roland Symonette as a National Hero, the public is having its say.  The Anglican Archdeacon James Palacious told The Tribune on 20 July the following:

It’s extremely unfortunate that the first time we are having a shot at these Bahamian awards, it is shrouded in such controversy,” he added. “

“I’m extremely sad. I wish we could have gotten it a little more right and, of course, this is an area where there is a lot of politicisation and polarisation.”

“(Sir Roland’s) was obviously a regime that did not consider properly the rights, goals and aspirations of the masses of the Bahamians.

“And notwithstanding the many good things that Sir Roland would have done, I believe that he should not have been included and quite frankly I don’t see where Sir Cecil would have been included in this either.

“If anybody else was to be included in this, if you had to make it more than Sir Lynden, then it probably ought to be A D Hanna in terms of somebody who fought specific policies (and) worked hard through the ‘Bahamianisation’ process. And, of course, Sir Milo, we all know his contribution.