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(A Weak Attorney General)

This is what happened to Ken Dorsett under the FNM’s new Attorney General Carl Bethel.  Mr. Dorsett was asked to attend the police at 2:30 p m on the 13 July.  He thought that he was going for an interview.  He was promptly arrested and charged with nine offences: four of bribery, four of extortion and one of misconduct in public office.  He was not given bail.  He was kept overnight in a cell.  The talk is that one Hubert Minnis’ bodyguard were seen in the vicinity of the police station.  It is also alleged that a call was made from a politician not to give him bail.  This is a man who was and is no flight risk and could have and should have been released on his own recognisance.  The arrest is leaked to the press. The Leader of the Opposition was not informed as a courtesy.  The former Minister who was not in any way a flight risk was taken to court in handcuffs. He is then arraigned and not given bail because the magistrate does not have jurisdiction to grant bail.  The file was left unprepared by the prosecution and unavailable until late in the day, so he appeared in court late in the day.  In order to get bail, one has to go to the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court Judge Carolita Bethel was prepared to hear the matter but guess what the Attorney General was not ready to provide a lawyer for the case because they were reviewing the file.  This is a case which requires the fiat of the Attorney General.  They charged the man but did not at the time they were preparing the charges consider bail at the same time.  So because the Crown was not ready, the bail application had to be delayed but the important point is that this gave the FNM another opportunity to parade Mr. Dorsett in handcuffs and leg cuffs into the court for the newspapers and television.  He is given 50,000 dollars bail with two sureties. Murderers have gotten bail for 8500.  The documents of the supporting application with Mr. Dorsett’s private details are leaked to the public and social media.  This is victor’s justice.  This is swift justice Carl Bethel and FNM style.  May they all rot in hell!