Bahamar Rises From The Dead

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prostate times;”>The man who headed the Bahamar project and could not bring it to completion was in the press last week. Incredible! He was incensed says The Tribune that developers of The Pointe next to the British Colonial Hilton was boasting that they will finish the project, purchase that there was no shortage of money, and that it would not be like some private development designed to keep people away from the beach. This comment seemed directed at Paradise Island and not Bahamar but Tom Dunlap of Bahamar did not take it lying down. From his redoubt who knows where Mr. Dunlap lashed out at Daniel Liu of China Construction who are the developers of The Pointe. Mr. Dunlap accused Mr. Liu of abandoning the Bahamar project, not finishing it despite two bonds which compel them to do so, and of gallivanting about the Caribbean looking for projects instead of finishing Bahamar. Mr. Dunlap accused Mr. Liu of cooking the books on the number of work permits and accused the Construction Company of using equipment on The Pointe which they imported to build Bahamar. Ah my! Lost your life’s work. It was a bitter, bitter statement. But we all know that the fault is not in the stars but in the management and development team of Bahamar. The source of the story The Tribune 7 March.