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So the Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar had a big press conference to say how he was rolling out the new tourism programme  with the country to open on 15 October 2020.  The problem is if you come to The Bahamas, not only do you have to have a negative Covid test in place but you have to agree to quarantine for 14 days. Well who the hell is going to come here and be stuck in your hotel for 14 days? The Minister called it a clever name: Vacation In Place or VIP. Bullocks and public relations mumbo jumbo. It is quarantine.  You’re locked up for 14 days and can’t move. Well  quite apart from the fact that the Prime Minister had his own press conference in Grand Bahama that overshadowed the Minister’s that same morning, Graeme Davis, the President of Bahamar, the mega resort on Cable Beach immediately poured cold water on the Minister’s announcement.  In a short note to the employees he said they were extending their furlough another 90 days and that the hotel’s opening would not happen in October because the virus has not been brought under control. Oh well. The brakes just got applied to the motor mouth minister.