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Last Sunday when the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis addressed the country, he was giving his usual wooden performance, a recitation of statistics about his or that about Covid 19.  Bottom line the situation was worse than the week before. Yet he was going to open up parts of the economy to normal work.

It was not until he got near the end of the speech that this dude as they say when completely off the rails.  He attacked the business community saying that  he was offended that they had laid off people who had given them years of dedicated work. It was amazing because he was the very one who fired thousands of Bahamians when he first came to office and he needed to ask himself the same question he asked the business community: where was your heart?

The Leader of the Opposition called it a study in confusion.

There are three crises with the management of this unprecedented crisis of our lifetimes. First is the health care system is on the verge of collapse because of the negligence and bad governance of the FNM.  Secondly, the finances of the country are in a perilous state and  are on the verge of collapse because the Minister of Finance has no idea what he is doing.  Lastly, there is a credibility deficit between the governors and the governed.  In other words no one believes a word of anything that the Prime Minster says or any of his ministers.  They just seem completely oblivious to the plain facts of people’s lives and are simply lost in space.

We take one example. The health care system which includes the public hospitals and the network of clinics around the county.  At week’s end, the report was that as many  as 200 medical professionals were out of the system and in quarantine because of Covid 19.  The reason they were exposed to Covid 19 is because the Government contrary to what they were telling us had not ordered sufficient equipment to protect the doctors and nurses and other personnel.  They don’t have enough tests to test the suspects. In fact while Bimini had one death two weeks ago, they just started testing last week.

Then on the financial side just as they are about to present the annual budget, the financiers have suggested to them don’t come looking because we don’t have an appetite to do any more. The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest is predicting an 800 million dollar deficit and the leak is that it is likely to be more like one billion. So big trouble.

Meanwhile, the PLP gave out some 7,000 bags of goods to the people of the country  last week.  Its headquarters were swamped with many more demands.  That is a symptom of where we are in this pandemic. People have no money, no food and are increasingly desperate.

And in the midst of this the silly Prime Minister asks : where is your heart? That all he has to offer.

Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.