Baroness Scotland Wins As SG Of The Commonwealth

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generic viagra sovaldi times;”>Fred Mitchell, hospital the Bahamas Foreign Minister, physician was over the moon that the new Secretary General of the Commonwealth is  Baroness Patricia Scotland, a native of Dominica and an émigré to Britain who made good as the first female and black Attorney General of that country.  They tried to use that against her in the male dominated Caricom region, even the female led countries did not support her.  The campaign was a real slash and burn with her principal opponent in the region Sir Ronald Saunders going public to announce a position of The Bahamas government which did not exist and making a personal allegation against the Foreign Minister of The Bahamas that somehow he was personally involved with Baroness Scotland, that being the reason for his support.  The Commonwealth is dying on the vine because the big white countries have essentially decided that they do  not like the direction in which it is going.  The Bahamas depends on the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation for invaluable assistance in technical matters.  The Bahamas also supports the values of the Commonwealth, a common belief in democracy, pluralism, the rule of law.   The right decision as far as the Foreign Minister was concerned was to get someone in the job who might cause to so-called ABCs ( Australia, Britain and Canada) to reengage.  Patricia Scotland is that person the Minister thinks. The problem with Sir Ron Saunders is that everyone knew the issue that would arise as soon as he set his foot forward and what would happen in the British press the day before the race.  It was predicted that there would be an October surprise and there was; all the records of the allegations of taking 10,000 pounds a month surfaced the day before the vote.  It was a close vote and we hope that in that closeness here is no residual bitterness.  In fact, the Antigua Observer reported that Foreign Minister Charles “Max” Rodriguez of Antigua said that when Sir Ron ended up being the last in a three way race, they withdrew his name and supported Baroness Scotland as the Caribbean choice.  Now Baroness Scotland has the job of bringing everyone together and remembering why she was elected to help the smaller states  make their way in the world as she has. Congratulations, now get to work,  She takes up the job officially  in April next year.    The photo shows the Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell shortly after victory was declared on 27th November in Malta at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.