Basil Huyler Dies

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From The Office of the Chairman of the PLP

On The Death of Basil Huyler

For Immediate Release

11 January 2018

All of us in the PLP are sad today. We learned of the death of our great friend and supporter Basil Huyler from the Bain and Grants Town branch. Death you have robbed us again. Be not proud.

This is especially personal for me because we were high school mates together. He supported my Chairmanship and all my ambitions and ideas. Like his late stalwart mother Teresa who predeceased him, he ate slept and drank PLP.

Every time we met, I would tease him that he was responsible for introducing me to the Banana Boat Nightclub. He would only laugh.

Latterly he gave unselfishly as he worked at the Straw Market Authority where he is remembered fondly for his devotion to duty.

I shall miss him.

This is particularly disturbing coming on the heels of the untimely death of former Bain and Grants Town MP Bernard Nottage with whom he worked so closely.

On behalf of the party I extend to his family our condolences.

May he rest in peace.