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The star of the show was Bishop Michael Curry, who heads the Episcopal Church in the United States.  He became an even bigger star earlier this year when he preached a sermon about love at the Royal Wedding in Windsor, United Kingdom when Prince Harry and Meghan Markell got married.  He was in Nassau to preach the sermon at the opening mass of the convocation for the 50th anniversary of the Union of Black Episcopalians of the United States. He was the star but if ever there was a supporting actor/star that deserved the award for such, that must have been Adrian Archer.  Really hats off to him.  He showed the amplitude of his talent.   The folk visiting felt right at home with the music that set the scene and the atmosphere of love and appreciation and welcome. He and his choir of Christ Church did us very proud.  His mother Brenda was there to witness it all. He took us to the water to be baptized.  The visit in pictures

Bishop Michael Curry and Christ Church’s Choir Director Adrian Archer

Senator Fred Mitchell with Allyson Maynard Gibson and her husband Max at Christ Church Cathedral for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Union of Black Episcopalians from the United States 23 July 2018.