Boards and Committees Announced

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On Thursday 27 July, the Bahamas Government published its list of those it had appointed to serve on various Boards and Committees of the Parastatal Corporations and the voluntary organizations. It was a who’s who of the FNM. Barely a PLP in sight. In their rush to prove unsuccessfully that they could get their Boards out before Perry Christie did in is last term in the first year, which they did not, they made several mistakes. One of them was appointing two dead people. That helps. The other was appointing the Board of the University of The Bahamas without regard to the law as it now stands and thereby ignoring the fact that the Leader of the Opposition has one appointment on the Board. The other was appointing Robert Adams as the Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank when the Chairman is supposed to be the Governor of the Bank. But it’s the people’s time so any nonsense will do and be well done. Please click here for the Boards and Committees