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Here is how the promotions are supposed to work in the services both the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Royal Bahamas Police Force.  The Commodore and the Commissioner respectively make their nominations  for the men and women in the force generally at the various ranks.  They are supposed to advance those who are fit and proper with seniority  and ability as the two watchwords. These lists are then forwarded to the political heads and in the case of the  Police to the Police Service Commission in the cases which are required by law.  The review by the Prime Minister and the Minister should be routine and they should not interfere with it.  The problem the police have and the defence force have today is that under the FNM administration by the time the list gets to the Governor General, it has been tampered with by an unknown person or persons.  Seems like the  bodyguards  are consulted by the Prime Minister and the Minister about who are fit and proper.  Their role it is said is to wean the list of those who are suspected as PLP.  So the Leader of the Opposition for example who deserves to have this men  upgraded in the promotions are  expected to be passed over again, even though they clearly deserve it.  Others who are doing the work of ranks beyond them, have a similar issue but are reportedly stripped from the list because they are perceived to be PLP by the bodyguards. What a time?