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Former Chair of the Procurement Committee of the Bahamas Power and Light Board Nick Dean exposes one set of crookedness at BPL. He urges the Minister to leave well enough alone.


27th AUGUST, 2018

Anybody who knows me would concede that I am a very private individual. I am not a politician but an ordinary citizen. I have contributed in my own small way to my community and those around me. I lend a helping hand wherever I can and stay away from the spotlight and public fanfare. Needless to say, I am distraught about this entire BPL debacle and the way that the Minister of Works has handled the situation. Even though Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Thompson and I have been treated most unfairly in this matter, I was resolved to just let the situation blow over so that I could move on with my life.

We were called upon to exercise restraint “for the sake of the country” by not making any additional public statements by PM Minnis. We were promised that Minister Bannister had been given the same request and would abide by it as well. To date we have abided by this and have not issued any public statements beyond our original statement released last week to defend our reputations and to encourage the new board. Needless to say, I was horrified to learn that not only did Minister Bannister continue his public onslaught, but he intensified and expanded it by dragging me into the situation with untrue and inaccurate accusations. I am troubled by Minister Bannister’s lack of civility in this discourse. In recent days I have remained silent and have been impressed by the considerable restraint exercised by Mrs. Osborne in light of the relentless public attacks she has endured at the hands of Minister Bannister. As someone who has seen the truth of these matters from the inside, I found the Minister’s comments sad and unfortunate. Mrs. Osborne has handled the situation with grace and dignity. Instead of the half-truths and sensationalism that has made headlines for the past week or so, the Bahamian People deserve to hear the truth.

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