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12 December

Regardless of who calls you or when you are called to service, we must always put the interests of the country before our own. — Branville McCartney
There is now a full court press by Branville McCartney and his allies in the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) to convince their disillusioned supporters that they are still a standalone machine. They had to do so after Mr. McCartney took the Senate seat from Loretta Butler Turner, the new Leader of the Opposition. The DNA appears headed to the graveyard like all other third party organizations.  It is no longer an independent organization that gives disgruntled  voters a third way in the country.  Turns out that Mr. McCartney is just like any other politician.  He wants to be in Parliament.  He wants to be in so bad that he is willing to take a second rate appointment from a has been Leader of the Opposition that will at best last six months.  The response from his supporters was scathing.  “You are just like the rest,” they cried.  He tried to put a brave face on it by the poster we publish and the little quote but the Emperor has no clothes and everyone knows that he is just as shameless as any other politcian and will do anything for a billet.