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It is interesting how the losers of elections suddenly have all the say about what should and should not be in public policy.  That’s the story of Branville McCartney, the man, who can’t pass a mirror without asking the question: who is that handsome guy?  After leaving his party Democratic National Alliance (DNA) high and dry so that the party has virtually collapsed in a heap without him, he is now safely back making money in private practice.  This apparently allows him the freedom to interfere in public policy.  His latest bombshell is that the PLP is performing to type by canceling press briefings.  That’s his line. The only problem is press briefings have not been cancelled by the Office of the Prime Minister, the format has changed.  And in any event the press is available to call any minister any time.  But the press and Branville McCartney should know that the press can ask questions but the ministers don’t have to answer.