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The Budget:  Part 3. The FNM in Panic Mode 

God, however, has been good to us in Grand Bahama.  We were aided by the International non-government agencies assisting us in the post hurricane Dorian restoration in Grand Bahama and Abaco.   Were it not for these NGO’s, our people would have been in a bad way.  Government’s promised assistance has yet to reach many of our people in any meaningful way. This, then, will be the legacy and shame that will follow these non-performing Ministers. 

Min. Kwasi Thompson, now, appears to be in panic mode.  He is not sure of his political future, and has set off ethical alarm bells when his wife was hired at The National Insurance Board as a manager with a generous enumeration package.  As a Senior Lawyer at the Bahamas Bar, Thompson knows this is a clear case of conflict; the notion of nepotism seems 

to have been overlooked.  And, finally, as a believer in Christ, the union of marriage is where the two becomes one flesh.  It, then, stands to reason that you cannot give yourself a job or a contract as a sitting Minister of the government.  Believers are further admonished to shun the very appearance of wrongdoing. Sadly, we do not have a Nathan the prophet in his camp to say to the King/ Minister Thompson “You are the man”.  The ‘every man for himself’ approach telegraphs panic. The people of East Grand Bahama will, no doubt, execute judgment on Min. Thompson for lowering the standards of Ethics in Government. 

The FNM’s 2021/22 budget should be a forward looking, clear vision road map pointing the way in a forward direction.  In other words, “cutting your coat according to your cloth”. To date, this budget does not do that, all we have seen, and heard are FNM personalities, along with Ministers looking back and saying what the other party did when they were in government. The FNM turning on FNM is a manifestation that confusion have enveloped their camp.  Bahamians, in real-time, are witnessing the biblical principle, ‘you will reap what you sow.’ The seeds of destruction that were planted four years ago are now bearing fruit.  It will not get any better for P.M., Dr. Minnis and his FNM team because it is harvest time.  And one can only reap what one has sown. 

Brian Seymour