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Commission Of Inquiry

Prime Minister Philip (Brave) Davis weeks ago stood on the world stage at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. He used that stage, at the time, to explain to world leaders that should the sea levels rise two meters, 75% of The Bahamas will disappear into the sea. This could be likened to the ancient city of Pompeii. He went on to say that should this happen, the Bahamian population would become refugees; a people without a country.

The Free National Movement won a historic landslide victory in May 2017. Four and a half years later, like children in a candy store, eight billion dollars has been squandered with little or nothing to show for the money borrowed, at times, at loan-sharking rates of interest. During this time, the country stood still, and in some areas have regressed under the weight of visionless leadership and blatant misconduct made worse by a hurricane and global pandemic.

Dr. Minnis and his misguided band of merry men, with a straight face and dry eyes with out the slightest degree of remorse, will meet in convention on 27th November, 2021 to choose a FNM, party leader. All things being equal this is the fit and proper thing for the FNM to do. However, to choose any of the former cabinet ministers who, collectively, are responsibile for running the economic ship of state aground should not qualify in any capacity of leadership; and should have quietly served out their term; and then, should have gone quietly into the sweet good night.

I earnestly believe like former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham that political scores are settled on Election Day at the polls. I believe in the rule of law and do not subscribe to “Victor’s Justice.” Prime Minister Davis, for the good of these Isles of June, and for the sanctity of good governance and for those who will follow behind us, a Commission of Inquiry is required for the egregious conduct that took place under the former Minnis Administration. Let it not be your portion that history will remember you sir, NOT for your historic Two Meter Climate Change speech, but instead, remember you for giving a pass to those who have misbehaved and transgressed against the public interest. To give a wink and a nod is to become complicit, and sends the wrong message to those who would do wrong.

Two meters sea level rise will be the least of our country’s problems should you fail to act. Moving forward, good governance demands a Commission of Inquiry be held.
Brian Seymour