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In today’s Bahamas, generic cialis capsule we must become ever so careful not to allow our country to develop into a country of the “have” and the “have not.”  Listening to the recent mid-year budget debate in Parliament, tadalafil one can easily form the impression that her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, salve the FNM has fumbled the ball big time and is in danger of becoming irrelevant in this parliamentary session.  Stuck in the politics of yesteryear, the mantra of the FNM has not changed from its inception, for example, yes we are for Independence, but not now, was the cry back then.  Today, it continues, but in a different way; this time using the methods of discredit, disagree, and stall, no matter how sound the initiative such as Urban Renewal 2.0, Shock Treatment and Give Every Child a Father, the Immigration initiative to bring under control people smuggling in to the Bahamas, and assert our right as a sovereign nation as to who lives in the Bahamas.  BAMSI in North Andros, a meaningful project to bring food security in line with international norms, and finally, VAT, the introduction of VAT would cause the country’s economy to collapse; how sad a view.  The FNM’s latest foray is against the implementation of National Health Insurance in January 2016.  They say we cannot afford it now, and again, it would wreck the economy.  Who are these prophets of doom?  They are our rich and greedy, our brothers and sisters who have forgotten from whence we have come casting aside the biblical admonition “what you do for the least of these my brothers, you do unto me.”  These are the people who have platinum insurance coverage for them and their families.


Will someone please tell these persons that loose goat don’t know how tied goat feels.  The rich among us have multiple health care options.  We see them on television making statements from their palatial offices saying to poor people National Health Insurance will not work.  Jack might be dumb but Jack is no fool.  Tell the person in McCullough Corner or Luther Street that we cannot afford National Health Insurance.  Today in our country, we already have universal health coverage for all.  When a person is shot on Peter’s street, he is rushed to PMH and given emergency services free of charge; he pays nothing for the critical care he receives.  It is the state that picks up the bill for the critical care services rendered.  This is today’s reality, and this is not sustainable.  We are taught as children that the strong must hold up the weak, so it falls to the economically strong among us to uphold the weak and less fortunate.  Therein IS the philosophical difference between the PLP and the FNM.  EVERY MAN FOR HIM SELF is the FNM way


If the FNM now says to the country this cannot work then offer us a more VIABLE and WORKABLE alternative.  But to criticize and continue to let people die because of a lack of health insurance is just plain wrong and ungodly

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Brian Seymour

Stalwart Councillor