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Black Sambo Commercials

This past week, a supporter of the Free National Movement described the party as having lost its anchor. Today, I wish to add another attribute, under the leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM has lost its moral compass. The ship of state now has no navigational instrument or captain to navigate the country out of our present dilemma.

The FNM have run out time. They must now face the angry people, and their record of mismanagement in governance over the past four years is troubling. The FNM has been a let down, and a disappointment. Having failed the people, they went back to its old UBP playbook from the late sixties with a whisper campaign based on skin complexion. I remember well, the Ugly adjectives used.

..This week, the FNM started running what I call its “Black Sambo” racist commercials on the cable network until a cease and desist order was issued by URCA. The commercials depicted the leader of the PLP, Mr. Philip Brave Davis in black-and-white photos. This Racist messaging, and these ads are clear Coded messaging. Do you want this short, bald plated, dark skinned (black man) to be Prime Minister? This message, it is hoped, will appeal to the inner secret prejudices of the individual.

We understand that this Racist campaign is costing them roughly $300,000 monthly. Who, but the puppet masters, have this amount of disposable income?
The question is: Who is funding these Uncle Toms?

Why is the FNM running away from its powerful message, “It’s the People’s Time”?

What is the FNM record on hurricane Dorian recovery and restoration on Grand Bahama and Abaco?

Mr. Brave Davis Leader of the PLP is of dark complexion yes; He is, indeed, short in stature, and yes, he is bald plated. Mr. Davis, however, is a man of Integrity, compassion and honesty, and is unquestionably, a man of character. Mr. Davis also understands when devising public policy, looking out for the “least of these” among us is the number one priority. This was his mantra when he served as the former minister of Works. He looked out for, and helped Citizens regardless of political stripes. These are the attributes of a Servant leader. Sadly, we cannot say this of the present government. The racists have been beaten before, and this time, they and their Uncle Tom puppet masters will be beaten again for the good of country. Press on party leader, Press on.

Brian Seymour.