Brian Seymour Writes On National Hero Choices By The FNM

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Our Moses

Sir Lynden Pindling


Sir Roland Symonette


Why should the emancipated apologize for being set free? 
51years after the attainment of majority rule, and 45 years of Independence; it is folly to honour your racist oppressor, and liberator, on the same day, with the same and equal honours. It renders the honour useless, or worthless.

This is the equivalent of honouring Egypt’s Pharaoh for enslaving the children of Israel, and then, honouring Moses, for leading them out of bondage. Only enslaved minds can conceive that they should apologize
for being set free because God answered prayers of the oppressed Bahamian. Sadly, Mark Humes and Chairman Culmer two seemingly educated persons did not make the case on TV last evening seeking to justify folly. It is apparent that some of our people hearts still long for slavery. What a disgrace !! I Shame.