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(The Government of The Bahamas in the face of the declared policy that the country is open for  business, stopped the annual carnival from going ahead on the  rationale that the country would face a severe spreading of covid. Brian Seymour gives the contrary view.  The fact is poor people in this country need a break. They never get one it appears not even from the poor people’s government. It was Hubert Minnis who  started this stuff about the carnival and now he has succeeded in stopping it, and with it one thousand jobs for poor PLPs who will now have nothing in the stocking for Christmas, listening to Hubert Minnis and his foolishness. Trying to stay relevant — Editor:

The  Bahamas Is Open.

The Covid 19 Pandemic is not going away any time soon. Locking down the economy is No longer a viable option for the Bahamian people.  Another locking down could collapse the economy; and, is Akin to giving the keys to our nation’s state the  Bahamas to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  subjugating a once free and proud people through economic rule.  We simply cannot continue to live on borrowed money with people at home not working, and earning their keep.

 Vaccinations, or homemade therapeutics are the Personal options.  We live in a Democratic state so Forced Vaccination is unlikely; the wearing of masks, social distancing, and washing of hands are  beneficial To prevent the spread of covid 19.  Finally, the most important factor is taking Personal Responsibility for your person, and the well being of loved ones in your charge, not the government.  The government cannot mandate, Or pass  Laws for you to use, or exercise common sense.  Should you choose not to use the common sense approach, the price you pay Is your responsibility Not The Government’s, To prevent becoming infected with this deadly virus.

  From Abaco in the North, To Inagua in the South, the time for debate and vacillating is over.  Our country is open for business, and must remain open if we are to survive as an independent state.  Strong and Bold leadership demands No Less.  Anything less Is to surrender to the IMF.  Our children, and their children will undoubtedly become slaves to the lender. These are the sobering facts for the Minister of Health and his team to consider.  Economic Slavery, or  Freedom.  So, The Bahamas is open for business

Brian Seymour