Brian Seymour writes – The Bahamas and Haiti

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The Bahamas and Haiti

In recent weeks things in The Republic of Haiti from a government standpoint seem rapidly deteriorating. Sadly for our island nation, The Bahamas with a population of four hundred thousand, there’s very little we can do about Haiti’s instability. Our neighbor to the South with a population of around 11 million will have to determine what is best for their people and the type of government they will have; any other type of artificial arrangement will not work and is a futile effort.

The government of the Bahamas has but one choice which is to defend the territorial integrity of our country as it has. To the credit of the Davis Administration, they have been able to hold the line interdicting boatload after boatload of migrants looking for a better way of life away from the chaotic conditions. This is the reality that confronts us as Bahamians and will not change any time soon.

It is not helpful or in the public interest for those Bahamians seeking political power to whip into hysteria a Bahamian population that loses all sense of objectivity and common humanity when the name of Haiti is mentioned.

Yes, we must vigorously enforce our Immigration laws. Yes, we must come to grips with the shanty towns that have to be dealt with within the confines of the law; while, at the same time, demonstrating who we are as a people. We are a nation founded on Christian principles and the rule of law. Therefore, everything that we do must be seen to be done with sober judgment in decency and order representing fair play that is consistent with Christian values. It is, also, good business to do so as a leading thriving tourist destination.

The hyperbolic racist comments must be discouraged and stopped because words do matter. If some weak-minded individual buys into this over-the-top language and does something stupid; then, we as a people will “all” suffer a backlash. The taxi driver, the tour operators at the airport, the hotel workers, and the shopkeepers will pay a price because of stupidity. Damaging our Brand, The Commonwealth of the Bahamas must always

be paramount and protected in our public discourse and decision-making.

Scapegoating desperate and despairing people for practicing nature’s first law “Survival” is just wrong. Let us, then, strive to do better.

Brian Seymour