Carl Bethel Gets Scared After Public Attack By The FNM

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Photo by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services

Carl Bethel, the Leader of the Government in the Senate and the Attorney General, was in full flight as he lectured the Senate on his role as the Minister of Justice. He told his colleagues that he would not be engaged in a situation where charges were not brought where none were warranted.  There had to be evidence was the point.  This seemed to answer the quest for vengeance on the part of FNM partisans that were saying that they wanted PLP Ministers to be doing the Bank Lane shuffle to jail.    That went like that on Friday 23 June.   But on 28th June, there was a different story.  The FNM Website Bahamas New Ma Bey had attacked Mr. Bethel saying he was a cancer on the FNM for giving PLPs a pass and the government should get rid of him.  So on the last day of the debate on 28 June as he was wrapping up the debate, he backtracked saying that he would have all matters investigated and while he had on axe to grind, he would be sure that the matters followed their natural course once the Director of Public Prosecutions made the recommendations.   What a difference a few days and some FNM pressure make.  It’s called backstroke.