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By Athama Bowe

The photo shows MP Dr. Johnson presented the trophy to the winning team at the steps of the House of Assembly on Wednesday 3rd September.
The photo shows MP Dr. Johnson presented the trophy to the winning team at the steps of the House of Assembly on Wednesday 3rd September.

The 1st of September, generic viagra store was no ordinary day in the schedule of most parents, in particular, for those bringing their special darlings to School for the very first time or dealing with transfers.

Traffic had awakened, blaring horns, screaming children and mothers with frayed nerves…the clutter seemed everywhere!


But at the Gerald Cash Primary School, the day began at 7:00 a.m. when the teachers filed in and took their assignments from principal Ms. Covetta Johnson. They had readied themselves for the crush; the parents flowed in and out and by 8:30 am, every child was in place. Naturally a few stragglers came along, dreading the crowd and problems. All went well!


On his way to the Office at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Minister, Dr. Daniel Johnson, passed by to check out the activities at Gerald Cash Primary and to maintain contact with the Best Youth Rake ‘n’ Scrape Band in the Bahamas.” Boy, they are the very best and they are going to perform in New York”, shouted Minister.

“These Youngsters are a credit to their parents, teachers, families and the wider Carmichael Community”, he continued.


Content that all was going well, Dr. Daniel Johnson, shifted to keeping his appointment with the Carmichael Surgeons, a Basketball Team of high fliers, who had overcome the tenacious Englerston Basketball Team hosted by Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin.


For the last four years, Englerston had ruled the Urban Renewal Basketball Street Legends Championships, with little concern for the competition. When the guineps had been counted, Carmichael had won, 55 points to 53 points!


Garden Hills wanted to get in the Championship mix, so badly.

Following the conclusion of Business in Parliament, to include the introduction of the Carmichael Surgeons, the collection of the Grand Trophy, the Minister treated the Team to Lunch at Curly’s, at the Fish Fry.


“We are seeing the results of planning and hard work. I am thankful that so many residents have been encouraging and assisting me to get to know and serve Carmichael better; I am committed to the tasks ahead. I also believe that we have the very Best Police Division, serving the Carmichael Community. We are all grateful to coach Henry Rolle Sr. and Mr. Wilton Russell, President of Street Legends Basketball Tournament,” concluded Dr. Daniel Johnson MP

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